WIP Wednesday 5/18/11

I've made good progress on the purple throw this week. I haven't touched the cupcake scarf, but I'll be working on the ruffle scarf at craft group tonight. Hubby has sewn together half the squares on my Double Vision throw, so I took a progress photo over the weekend.
Double Vision Throw and remaining squares laid out in a grid over a queen size bedDouble Vision Throw halfway sewn together
Purple Throw laid out with the purple yarn skein nearbyPurple Throw 2nd repeat done and halfway through the 3rd
close up of a spider web lookalike motifCloseup of a cobweb motif from the Purple Throw


  1. You've got such good perseverance to make the Double Vision--sewing things together is like torture to me. And I love the way the yarn is patterning on the purple throw, really pretty@

  2. I LOVE the purple throw. Of course, how could I not? ;-)

    And I'm glad to see your Double Vision throw is coming together nicely too. I'm in the midst of sewing together my fourth (and final!) Double Vision rug, and while I love this project design, I'm very glad this is the last one I'll be making.

  3. Julie,
    I don't like sewing either. My husband is doing the sewing for me.

    I think I'd be tired of the Double Vision after doing four of them, too!


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