Knitting and Crochet Blog Week: Day 2 - Skill + 1UP

There is always more to learn in crochet, new techniques, stitches, technical stuff, yarns to explore. Often it feels as though I'll never learn everything I want to, because there just isn't enough crochet time in the day.

Each year, I try to pick at least one thing off my to-learn list, and figure it out. Some of my new crochet skills gained during the last year are making crocheted lace, and creating straight and spiral cables. I finally conquered v-stitches, which had been my nemesis almost from the start of my crochet obsession. I also designed my first projects from scratch, learned about felting and felted my first projects.
Lattice lace wrap
Reversible Strands Hat with spiraling cables
V stitch scarf
My first design, braided Infinity scarf
Pair of felted sheep

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