Knitting and Crochet Blog Week: Day 1 - A Tale of Two Yarns

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Yarn type and texture, like anything else, is a personal preference. Some people will love a certain kind of yarn that other people absolutely despise.
Maybe it makes me a more "boring" yarncrafter, but more often than not I find myself using plain, non-textured yarn for my projects. I'm much more into pretty, vibrant yarn colors than I am into the strand textures. In fact, nowadays, I try to avoid using yarn that I know I won’t enjoy working with (like many of those fancy types of yarn, e.x. eyelash/fun fur yarn), because I know (from experience) that while it looks cool in the skein, working with these types of yarn will more often than not be a nightmare. And I crochet to relax, not to add more stress to my life.

I actually haven’t worked with too many yarns that I totally hated – usually I love the end result enough to “forgive” a little challenge with the yarn itself. One yarn I love, despite some negative points (including how felted my projects have become with everyday use), is LionBrand Amazing – I love the hand-painted look of the many beautiful colors. I’m looking forward to purchasing and using more of newest colors of this yarn, whenever I come up with a really good project for it.
photo collage - Top row: multi-colored scarf hanging around a neck, 8 skeins of bright colorful yarn sitting on a dark wooden surface. Second Row: Colorful fingerless gloves on my hands.  Third Row: Side view of a colorful stocking-cap style hat on my head, close-up of a mixed pink, purple, and blue strand of the frizzy yarn.

Another yarn I recently used and loved the end result of, but had an extremely hard time working with is Knit One Crochet Too fleece. Because of the texture of the yarn, I couldn’t see or feel the stitches of my project very easily while working. However, it made a very nice (solid-looking) incredibly soft, warm end result.
Four photos of the purplish-pink fleece wristers - one on my hands, one  close-up of the fuzzy fleece stitching, one of the gloves llaying out on  a dark wooden surface, and one closer-up on my hand.


  1. I also love the end results of projects with that fleece yarn. Kinda hard to crochet with since you can't really see or feel the stitches, but love it's soft squishyness in completed projects.

  2. Yep, me too. Thanks again for giving it to me. I've made a couple of nice, soft projects with it. :-)