Ongoing Crochet Project: Plarn Bed Mat

I know I haven't updated with completed projects in forever, but I've been busy getting Christmas gifts finished. I'll update fully after Christmas.

Today I read an email crochet newsletter that suggested crocheting sleeping mats made from plastic grocery bags to be given to people in Haiti. The plastic deters bugs, dries quickly if it gets wet, and is slightly cushy, compared to sleeping on the ground. The plastic bags turned into "yarn" is called plarn. Apparently many groups in the U.S. make these mats and they are given to homeless people in the States. I googled "crochet plastic bag bed mat" and found this video that explains the process step-by-step.

Video explains how to crochet plastic bed mats

The suggestion of a 10 mm (size N) hook is too small, IMO. I began crocheting with an N hook, but struggled with the plarn being too thick, so I gave up after a row and a half, ripped it out, and began again using a Q hook. It is going much easier now, though crocheting this is much more physically taxing then regular smaller crochet. I had to give up after about an hour to rest. I quickly learned not to worry about tension or running the plarn over my fingers like I do in regular crochet. I'm using both hands much more actively in this project.

First two rows of my plarn bed mat
I plan to work on this project intermittently, when I have enough plastic bags, and time between other projects. Hubby thinks I'm off my rocker, but he still cut bags into strips for me tonight. What a guy!

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