Hooded Baby Blanket

I finished this hooded baby blanket on Monday night, and it only took me about a week to make, with several days of long crocheting periods of time available. The Hooded Baby Blanket pattern was written by Michele Wilcox, and it's in the pattern book Snuggle Babies. I used Red Heart Baby Clouds yarn in colors Tutti Frutti and Pink Lemonade.

The yarn is a very thick worsted weight, and worked in a big N hook, the project went very quickly. Though I checked my gauge, and it matched, my blanket was about 8 rows short, so I probably could have used another skein extra. This makes it long and narrow, instead of a rectangle.

hooded baby blanket

close up of stitches

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  1. I've never seen a baby blanket with a hood. Cute idea, and it looks really nice.


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