Crochet Project: Wineglass Flip-Flops Part 2

I worked on the second set of wineglass flip-flops during training at GDF, and finished the last one over the weekend. Then I washed and blocked the set of 4. These will be a wedding gift, so I tried to use colors close to the wedding colors. These are created from medium-weight cotton thread/yarn, but I don't know the brand. I found the blue in a 6 ball pack of mill ends, and I used white we had left over. My only complaint is that the blue dye bled in the wash. This is the first set, and what a difference blocking makes. This wedding set looks much more finished since I blocked them.

Blue & white glass flip-flop

An ice cream dish with an edge makes a decent demo of how the flip-flop works

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  1. Bummer that the dye bled, but I still think these are so cute! I was tempted to make some for myself until I realized I don't have any glasses they'd work on, since all of my current glassware is stemless. I might have to make some for gifts sometime though. :-)


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