Crochet Project: Spring Baskets

Well, I thought it was about time I finally made a post over here, so these baskets are my most recently completed crochet projects:
close-up photo of three crocheted baskets, one green, one rusty-red, and one sparkly orange
My Mom brought me a copy of the free Deborah Norville Chunky Basket pattern she had picked up somewhere a couple of months ago. And honestly, even though I thought they were cute, I never thought I'd actually make one. But then one day last month I was sitting around thinking about National Crochet Month (and all the awesome crochet projects I want to make but can't yet afford the nice yarn for), photo of a the green crocheted basket filled with Easter goodies,     sitting on dark purple paper.when I thought of this basket pattern, all the small balls of left-over yarn I have laying around, and the upcoming Spring holiday.
So, to make a long story shorter, my Mom, my Sister, and I now have Easter baskets made by me. I didn't use "chunky" yarn - I just used some of the regular 4-ply yarn I already had in my stash and a smaller (size G) hook, since my yarn wasn't as thick as what the pattern was designed for - but the baskets still worked up nicely. Also, since no one in my family is really into pastel Spring-y colors, I used darker shades that we like, so the baskets could be used year-round in our homes.


  1. Whoa, the layout of this blog is weird lol. Where is the nav bar so I can follow? I tried t follow at the followers frame, but it's pulling up old settings that include my photo and Blogger won't let me get rid of it.

  2. Sorry, yes I noticed the layout was a little weird when I posted yesterday, so I've done some tinkering with it this morning. The nav bar is up there now. Hope it works for you.

  3. Love your baskets, Laura, and the changes you've made to the blog, too. Glad you're tinkering with it, too. :-)

  4. Thanks! I didn't change too much, mainly just adjusted more of the font sizes and colors to make everything easier to see. Oh, and of course I added the hook to the header to make it look a little more crochet-y around here. :-)