Crochet Project: Round Rug

On Friday I had a few spare moments and was in the mood to crochet, so I went through my crochet stuff and decided to make a little round rug out of the rest of the "recycled" rug yarn my Mom gave me about a year ago. I'm not such a big fan of the coarse texture of this old rug yarn, but the thick strand made it very easy to feel my stitches.
I didn't follow any written pattern, I just used my new large size M hook, and single crocheted in rounds until I had used almost all of the ball of very thick light gray yarn. Then I made a looped edge (single crochet paired with two chains) to finish off my new rug.
photo collage - going clockwise, first photo (top left) - close-up of the stitching of my rug while the project is in progress. second photo (top right) photo of my little rug on the bathroom floor in front of the sink/cabinet. Third photo (bottom) - completed rug laying on the wood floor, with my shoed feet standing on it for size reference.
This was another quick, simple, gratifying project - it only took me about an hour or so to make and that was with multiple interruptions. Also, it's not very big (only about 17 inches in diameter), but it's perfect for in front of the sink in my tiny apartment bathroom.


  1. Looks great! I can't believe it only took you an hour to make - that's awesome.

  2. Yeah, I'm a pretty speedy crocheter, but it was one of those projects that doesn't really require much thought. So that made it go faster.


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