The Crochet Lite crochet hooks

Some of my favorite crochet tools are my set of The Crochet Lite hooks. These plastic hooks have comfortable wide handles with rubbery finger grips, with the hook letter written in big black print, and the millimeter size next to that. The shaft and hook end is made of clear plastic, with a bright white LED inside. The hooks turn on/off with an easy switch, and each requires 2 watch batteries.

I use these hooks when I'm in a room without bright light, and when I'm using yarn that is hard for me to see. These are my go-to hooks for every project, unless I need a hook size I don't have. Crochet Lites are available from sizes C-K, and I've easily found sizes E-K at Jo-Ann's, Michael's, and AC Moore craft stores. Each hook has a corresponding letter and handle color, but I've found the colors too similar, so it is hard for me to tell them apart by color alone.

What hooks do you use? How do you tell your hooks apart?

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  1. These hooks sound really neat. I've never seen them available in my neck of the woods, but then again I've never specifically looked for them either.
    I just have a set of metal hooks - I've tried a couple of wooden and plastic hooks but prefer my metal ones. The hook size is embossed on each one, so I just feel for the letter if I can't see it.


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