Crochet Project: Striped Swaddler

One of the half-dozen or so crochet projects I have been working on over the last few days is another baby/pet blanket.
Blanket made of diagonal beige and white stripes with a green, beige and white edging. Close-up of the blanket's shell stitch pattern, showing the brown, green and blue colored flecks in the white yarn.
I used Red Heart Super Saver in "Fleck", and "Light Sage", as well as some Caron Simply Soft in "Bone" that I had left over from a couple of long ago crochet projects, a size K hook and a Swaddle Me Blanket pattern by Crochet Kitten (Ravelry pattern download).
blanket in progress, about half of the striped rows are complete. Another in-progress shot to show the shell-like stitch pattern.
I decided to give this pattern a try mainly because I was intrigued by the shell-like stitch pattern that is worked diagonally from corner to corner instead of side to side like most blankets. However, in the end, I just used the above linked pattern for the middle of this blanket. I had to use a bigger hook because I crochet tightly and it just wasn't laying well with a smaller hook size; I didn’t do the hood part of the pattern; I only worked 30 increase rows (instead of 41) because I was just using up some leftover yarn and wasn’t sure how much I had and/or how far it would get me; and I didn’t do the shell/scallop edging. My stripe sizes were also just random (well my pattern went: bone-5, fleck-3, b-6, f-4, b-3, f-5, b-4 / f-5, b-3, f-6, b-4, f-3, b-5, f-2). And for the edging, I just did a bunch of rows of dc in sage and bone, and then 1 final hdc row with the last of the fleck yarn.
Close-up of the green, beige and white blanket edging. Finished blanket folded into fourths.
Finished blanket laid out flat. One more close up of the blanket edge to better show the neat colored flecks in the white yarn.
I ended up with a cute (32 by 32 inch) blanket that worked up very quickly, but despite the change in hook size to hopefully get it to lay better, it is still in need of some MAJOR blocking. I’ll probably wait to do that though until right before I give it away. Speaking of which, if any one would like to have this little blanket, it is included on my Will Trade for Donations page.

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