Carolina Fiber Fest

We took a road trip last weekend with others from our craft group up to Carolina Fiber Fest in Sanford, NC. It was a fun weekend. We petted and admired the yarn, saw some animals, saw a sheep-herding demo, bought some things, of course, and ate way too much good food. One of the sheep admired my guide dog Abby very much - it talked to her and followed us as we walked around the pen. :-) If you get the chance to go to Carolina Fiber Fest, take it! It's small but manageable and very fun!

red multicolored knitted fingerless mittens with alpacas on them
cute alpaca knitted fingerless mittens

red and blue woven basket from Ghana
red and blue woven basket from Ghana

coral alpaca yarn
Coral superfine alpaca yarn DK weight

4 small skeins of cashmere yarn in dark brown, tan, beige, and cream from Afghani women
Cashmere yarn from Afghani women
sheep looks at black Lab guide dog Abby from her pen and Abby looks back
Abby and her sheep admirer

black Lab Abby in the car, wrapped up in a colorful blanket
Abby's ready for the road trip!

sheep looks at us from her pen
Abby's admirer

shepherd walks by while his border collie herds a sheep toward him
shepherd, sheep, border collie workin' hard

shepherd walks by with small flock of sheep
sheep-herding demo

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