Crochet Project: Sea Breeze Top (Again)

You may recall my post about this pattern/project a few weeks ago. Well, unfortunately, the first Sea Breeze top I made was in a suitcase that was lost during my recent trip to California. I loved this top so much though; I just had to make a replacement.
5 photos taken from every angle, of my second magenta-pink Sea Breeze tank top being modeled by me.I again used Lion Brand Lion Cotton yarn in "Orchid" for my top, as I had plenty left over from my first purchase. And again I used size F and I hooks to achieve a correct gauge to make the smallest size top included in the Sea Breeze Top pattern. Likewise much of what I did for this second top in the way of modifications is the same as what I did the first time around. However, knowing what I know now from that first top, I did make a few more necessary changes (which I wrote about needing to make in my first top’s project post) to achieve a better fitting shirt for myself.

Band - I again sewed the ends together without the extra 1 inch flap, and once again did not use buttons.

Bodice - I started with 90 instead of the 122 stitches called for in the pattern, and then I gradually increased to 128 stitches to fit my body shape better. I again worked seamlessly in one continuous round, and again added scalloped (shell) edge around the bottom. This time, luckily, I didn’t need to go back and add gathers afterward, since starting with less stitches created a naturally nicer drape.

Straps - Again I made the straps much shorter (12 inches instead of 18), but this time I also made them slightly narrower - starting with 10 stitches instead of 14. I also again sewed the straps to the back 1 inch in closer to the shirt center on each side than the front, to help keep them up better on my narrow shoulders, and again I didn't use buttons for attaching them. Also, as with the first top, I finished the strap/arm/neck edges with a round of single crochets.

I finished my top just in time to wear it to my family's birthday dinner for my Dad last night, and I received many compliments on it. I think I love this second Sea Breeze Top even more than the first one. :-)