WIP Wednesday 1/25/12

I'm still working on two projects this week: chugging away on the car seat blanket, and got my entrelac socks going. I've added the second skein to the blanket. I worked a swatch for the socks with a C hook, which was a little too big, but I had trouble with a B hook. I worked one sock toe with the C hook and the other with the B hook. I liked the smaller one better, because it was tighter, so I frogged the C hook one and did it over with the B hook. Oddly enough, I can do the rounds, but not rows, with the B hook. So the socks are done through the toes, and I'll move on to working each sock foot this week.
multicolor pastel baby blanket
Car seat blanket done through row 30; using second skein now
sock toes worked with yarn in shades of blue from navy to teal to sky blue
Entrelac sock toes done

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