WIP Wednesday

I've discovered that other crafty bloggers do weekly projects updates called WIP Wednesday. I think it's a great way to update readers on current projects, instead of just posting once they're completed. I'll try to post each Wednesday that I have a project on my hook.

I've made huge progress on my Maryland sweater, but most of that is due to the chunky yarn. :-) I got about 9 rows started on it in Maryland, then it sat for about 2 weeks while I finished other projects. Last Saturday, I really got cracking on it. Here's where it is as of this afternoon. The back, back sleeve shaping, right neck, and left neck are all complete. I'm working my way through the front sleeve shaping now...

reddish pink sweater in progress laid flat on a table along with a bit of yarn, the pattern, and a green yarn bagMy 75% complete Maryland sweater

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