WIP Wednesday 4/27/11

Since I was just about finished with my Maryland sweater this past weekend, I pulled out a project from the WIP stash. I have two afghans that have been WIPs for several years now. I go back to them between other projects and work on them at home, since they are both too big to easily carry to craft groups. One is a crazy-shell afghan, and the other is this green double crochet afghan.
twin-bed-size green afghan
close up of stitches shows the various greens in the yarn

The afghan is made from Jo-Ann Sensations Rainbow Classic yarn in the green/gray colorway and a P hook. I apparently stopped work on this afghan the last time because I finished off the first skein of yarn. I added in the second skein this weekend, and I've completed another 10 rows. When I began this afghan ages ago, I didn't intend to make it twin size, just chained until it "felt" long enough, but it is just the right length for a twin bed. It may take all 3 skeins to make it wide enough to cover the bed, though it is almost wide enough now. We'll see...

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